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Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Sarah Stoner  Sarah Stoner Teacher
Contact Lori Jacobson  Lori Jacobson Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Rynear  Elizabeth Rynear Teacher
Contact Karen Tanner  Karen Tanner Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Tracy Beck  Tracy Beck Teacher
Contact Jennifer Ikari  Jennifer Ikari Teacher
Contact Ashlee King  Ashlee King Teacher
Contact Alejandra Lugo  Alejandra Lugo Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Amy Hughes  Amy Hughes Teacher
Contact Katie Mensen  Katie Mensen Teacher
Contact Rachel Wilson  Rachel Wilson Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Neil Estep  Neil Estep Teacher
Contact Renee Guerra  Renee Guerra Teacher
Contact Brianne Shiraishi  Brianne Shiraishi Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Aaron Belko  Aaron Belko Teacher
Contact Renee Guerra  Renee Guerra Teacher
Contact Andrea Williams  Andrea Williams Teacher
6th Grade
Contact Barbara Hamilton  Barbara Hamilton Teacher
Contact Brenda McClellan  Brenda McClellan Teacher
Contact Wendy Reed  Wendy Reed Teacher
Inclusion Specialists
Contact Janet Bowman  Janet Bowman Teacher
Contact Casey McCormick  Casey McCormick Teacher
Contact Danielle McGhee  Danielle McGhee Teacher