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General Info

Dress Code

At Valencia, we DRESS FOR SUCCESS!

Valencia has a dress and appearance code as adopted by the Upland Unified School District. Staff members will monitor students for appropriate appearance which includes the following:

  • Shorts should come to the mid-point of the thigh.
  • Short skirts should have shorts underneath.
  • Pants are to stay at the waist, even without a belt, and cover undergarments.
  • Clothing must have appropriate artwork and/or messages.
  • Jewelry or other accessories are not to pose a safety hazard or a distraction to instructional practice.
  • Shoes are to be closed-toe and have a heel strap to ensure students can safely participate in recess and P.E. If children wear sandals to school, tennis shoes are required for recess and P.E.
  • Shoes should not have wheels.
  • Spaghetti straps and midriff tops are not allowed.
  • Dyed hair and distractible haircuts are discouraged.
  • Hats for sun protection may be worn outdoors and should be worn properly.

Cell Phones

Students are discouraged from having cell phones at school because they can be lost or stolen. If you feel that your child needs a cell phone, please make sure that your child follows these rules:

  • Cell phones may not be seen, heard, or used on campus during school hours.
  • Teachers who see or hear a cell phone on campus are instructed to remove it from the student and take it to the office. 
  • The student's parent/guardian will be called to come pick up the phone from the school office.
  • Progressive discipline policies will be followed for students who have difficulty meeting cell phone usage expectations.

     * If your child needs to call home, we are happy to help.  He/she needs to get permission from his/her teacher and use a school phone. 

Class Parties

 The Valencia PTA sponsors two parties during the year; a party on the day prior to winter recess and a spring party prior to Spring Break. In addition, the sixth grade will have an end-of-the-year promotion celebration. 


In an effort to keep our students with food allergies safe, please refrain from sending in snacks such as cupcakes for your child's birthday.  Birthdays may be celebrated both in the classroom and in the front office with school staff.   Please contact the teacher if you have questions.  

Classroom Visitations


Parents are welcome to visit the school. If you would like to schedule a classroom visit, please call the school or teacher to set up a date and time. Be sure to sign in at the school office when you arrive as well as when you leave. We ask that you limit your visit to a reasonable length of time (20-30 minutes) to limit distractions and impact on the instructional day. If you have questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with the teacher, please make an appointment for a time before or after school.

Student Records


Cumulative records are kept for each student. Parents have the right to inspect, review, and challenge the contents of these records. To see your student’s records, please contact the school office for an appointment.

Books and Supplies


Students will be provided with all necessary textbooks and school materials. Each child is responsible for giving them proper care. Charges will be made for lost or damaged books. Students may bring personal supplies (binders, felt pens, pencils, etc.) but toys and games should be left at home unless approved by a teacher.


Keeping Students After School


A teacher may request that a child remain after school for extra help or for disciplinary reasons. Students may be detained after school for not more than one hour beyond the close of the maximum day. The teacher will notify parents prior to detaining a child. Bus transportation will not be provided for students who remain on campus after school.



Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for all students at the close of the first trimester. Students not meeting grade level academic or behavioral standards my have additional conferences scheduled at the end of second and third trimesters as well. These conferences are an opportunity for the parents and teachers to jointly report and plan an educational program for the students. Parents and teachers may request additional conferences as necessary throughout the year. Report cards shall be provided at conference time and at the end of the school year.  Please rest assured that Valencia teachers work to accommodate parents' requested dates and times when scheduling conferences.


Classroom Interruptions

In order to maximize learning for all students, we need to reduce interruptions during instructional time.

We are asking you to help us by making it a habit to set your day’s plans with your children BEFORE sending them to school each day. When requests are made, the office must relay the message by calling the classroom on the intercom system, causing an interruption.  We would like to eliminate these calls. Therefore, we are asking you to help us by:

  • Not calling the office to relay messages to your child unless it is an EMERGENCY.
  • Informing your children before they leave for school in the morning of any plans for after school that they may need to know such as:
    - Who is picking them up after school?
    - Do they need to walk home?
    - Who are they going home with?
    - Do they need to go to day care?
    - What do they do if it rains? Do they walk home or you’ll automatically pick them up from school?
    - Do they have their homework? If they don’t please make sure they get it.
    - Is there an activity going on after school in which they need to be present and participate?
      They need to notify you in the morning before leaving to school.
  • Making sure lunch is taken care of by:
    - Seeing that they take their lunch with them to school
    - Checking if they have enough lunch money for that day
    - Paying in advance in case of a forgotten lunch or an emergency
  • Scheduling doctor, dentist or other appointments after school.
 These are a few suggestions that can help us to reduce or eliminate classroom interruptions and keep that important instructional time uninterrupted.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!